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Porcelain double one way rotary switch, color nero (black), gold knob (article ВП2ЧЗ)


Household electric rotary switch for two light sources with porcelain case of black color, pivoting metallic tumbler of gold color, designed for outdoor mounting (external installation), with one technical hole for the input of the wire.
When it is connected, the switch toggle switch turns 360 degrees in both directions, fixing in four positions every 90 degrees, vertically and horizontally. Cycle of work when turning in one direction: on. First source – on. Both sources are on. The second source is off. When this switch is connected to only one light source, its operation cycle is: on-on-off-off.
Product specifications: 10-16A, ~ 250V
Degree of protection: IP 20

Options: d – 77 mm, h – 57 mm
Weight of the complete set: 145 g

The bottom of the switch is made of heat-resistant ABS plastic, which creates a fireproof protection between the circuit breaker mechanism and the supporting surface (wall).

All switches are certified and have the relevant certificates of the Customs Union.
Each switch is packed in a cardboard box that complies with the EAC standards, with all the explanatory inscriptions.

Service life: 5 years.
Warranty period: 1 year.