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Porcelain junction box, color bianko (white), silver cap (article КРБС)


Distribution or junction box (mounting), made of white porcelain, is designed for surface mounting in rooms where electrical wiring is installed in an open or mixed way. The junction box has four technical holes for the entry of wires, which are located at the base at the same distance from each other.

Degree of protection: IP 20

Options: d – 93 mm, h – 47 mm
Weight of the complete set: 195 g

The base of the junction box is also made of porcelain, which creates a fireproof protection between the welded wires and the supporting surface (wall, ceiling).

In the complete set with a junction box products and the mechanisms intended for connection of wires among themselves are not delivered.

Each junction box is packed in a cardboard box that conforms to the EAC standards, with all the explanatory inscriptions.